Populist Recording is unique. Situated in the suburbs of Chicago, it is a relaxing yet professional studio that provides the perfect space for those looking to book their first recording experience, as well as seasoned recording artists.

James Scott has been operating Populist Recording full-time for over eight years, though his experience in a studio started years earlier. As a musician himself, James was fascinated by the recording process. Whenever one of his own bands was in a recording studio, he could be found looking over the shoulder of the engineer, asking questions, and absorbing as much knowledge as he could possibly glean from each and every session. His fascination with and appreciation of the recording process continued to grow over the years, and his clients continually comment on his willingness to share his knowledge, and techniques, to anyone that takes an interest.

His clients repeatedly say that James possesses the perfect blend of knowledge and temperament, making them feel at ease and comfortable. His demeanor is always welcoming and caters towards the creative process. He is an active listener, and works with each and every artist until he truly understands their vision and intent. He has an ear for technical accuracy - he is able to apply his vast knowledge of the technical aspects of recording, bridging the gap between an artist’s fantasy and reality, all while making each and every client feel as comfortable and creative as possible.

Previous recording artists also point to the fact that James is always updating the Populist Recording arsenal with new gear, instruments, and the most up-to-date plug-ins, and that James is always seeking out new ways to add to his own skill set, which recently includes mastering for vinyl.

Recording with James Scott at Populist is the perfect combination of working with an absolute professional while in a completely comfortable space that musicians search for in a studio.

Written by Destiny Justic Scott, in collaboration with Populist Recording artists Bill Acuña, Andrew Farah, Laura Glyda, Michael C. Hayes, Tammy Masau, Dan Milligan, and Matt Psenicka.


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